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This Home was heating by combination Oil and wood and had no ductwork. The ACES-Energy team installed a 4-ton Hydron Module Water-to-Water 2-stage heat pump and an air hanlder placed on each floor with new ductwork. You can view more at

4-ton W-W with 2 Hydronic Air Handlers

Renewable Energy:
Generated Today: 0 BTU
Last 30 Days: 0 BTU (cooling)
Monitored Lifetime: 0 BTU

Last 30 Day's Operating Costs
Running This System: $0
Equivalent standard A/C: $0

Heat Pump Input Temperatures

Heat Pump Output Temperatures

Hot Water Generation

Energy Usage kW

Air Handler Performance

System Performance (in kWh)

This graph shows kWh of energy production (1 kwH = 3,412 BTU).


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